The Jordan/Singer BSCCP Research / Information Technology Innovation Prize

The BSCCP has an aim to ‘promote the best standards of care in colposcopy with structured training, audit, innovation in information technology and research’.

The object of this BSCCP Prize is to encourage research, IT development, clinical or laboratory based, or to acquire additional clinical skills within colposcopy and related sciences.

The work can be undertaken either within their unit, other centres in the UK or abroad. A grant of up to £25,000 will be available. This may be in the form of a single Prize or shared amongst several individuals.

The applicant and/or sponsor will be a member of the BSCCP.

It will be possible for there to be more than one recipient in any two years, provided the total monies do not exceed the sum available (currently £25,000).

How to apply

An application should be submitted along with a short CV for the lead applicant to the Secretariat of the BSCCP

Applications for the Prize are invited for either of the following:

1. To provide monies to fund a pilot project, clinical or laboratory based in the field of colposcopy, or to provide monies to fund an extension of an existing project researching colposcopy related issues.
2. To provide a contribution towards a travelling Fellowship to attend a recognised training centre, either in the UK or overseas, to obtain training in a particular aspect or research methodology relating to colposcopy or related issue.

The purpose of the grant is not to fund an extension of research previously funded by the award of the Jordan/Singer BSCCP Research Prize.

The closing date for all applications is the 19th December 2018.

BSCCP Overseas Travel Bursaries

BSCCP Overseas Travel Bursaries 

How to apply

Limited Overseas travelling bursaries are available to members of the BSCCP who confirm they will be presenting an abstract at an overseas colposcopy meeting or conference.
The amount is currently £750 and will only be payable on receipt of all three of the following documents:

1. Confirmation of Registration at Meeting or Conference.
2. Confirmation of Acceptance of an Abstract and invitation to present.
3. Receipt for Travel Documents, e.g., Ticket Confirmation.

Please email your documents to

The BSCCP Overseas Scholarship

BSCCP Overseas Scholarship

This award of  £2000 is available to bring a doctor from a less developed country to the United Kingdom to train in colposcopy.  If you are in a position to assist someone please submit  your proposal to the BSCCP secretariat.

If you wish the Society to consider a reciprocal visit of the host trainer to the applicant’s own country to provide ‘hands on’ experience, then it may be possible to increase the award by a further £1000.

How to apply

The application should be from a Society member and should include:

a) Case of need
b) Brief details of training to be offered
c) Curriculum vitae of Applicant (BSCCP member)
d) Curriculum vitae of doctor to be trained

Funding for Regional Educational Meetings

Regional meetings promote learning and allow trainees in Colposcopy to perform audits/research and present them to an audience of experienced colposcopists.A yearly award of up to £1000 is now available for Regional Educational Meetings to assist with funding venues/accommodation costs, travel expenses, speaker's costs and prizes etc.

The meetings will be eligible for RCOG points but are not BSCCP accredited. Following the meeting the receiving region will provide a report to the BSCCP Secretariat  with a detailed account of expenses and an evaluation of the meeting.



How to apply

To apply for funding of a regional meeting the below documentation should be submitted to

  1. A programme of the meeting
  2. An attendance list of delegates
  3. Details of the costings
  4. Feedback from the delegates

Meetings must be a full session of approx. 4 hours.

The application will be forwarded to the Certification & Training Committee for consideration and approval.

Travelling Fellowship (Annual)

This award is for the amount of up to £1000. You are invited to apply, if you are a member of the Society, who wishes to further your research by visiting a centre of excellence in another country. Trainees and consultants in the first two years of their appointment are eligible to apply.

How to apply

Your proposal should be on a single side of A4 together with a brief CV