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Educational Resources

Screening after vaccination

In this lecture Karen Canfell describes the evidence base and implementation of a new national HPV screening programme in Austrailia

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The Impact of Prophylactic HPV vaccination in Austrailia

In this talk, Karen Canfell describes the evolution and impact of the HPV vaccination programme in Austrailia

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Educational theories and learning styles

As a trainer it is important to understand the different learning styles of trainees. In this talk Nick Myerson provides valuable information

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Adjunctive colposcopy techniques for assessing suspected cervical abnormalities

Theresa Freeman Wang provides an update of the recently published NICE cost effectiveness evaluation of two new adjuncts to colposcopy- DYSIS and Zedscan

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Conservative management of CIN2

In this talk Maria Kyrgiou reviews the evidence on how best to manage women with histologically proven CIN 2.

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Obstetric and oncology outcomes after treatment of CIN

In this talk Professor Paraskavaidis reviews the benefits and harms of excisional treatment of CIN

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Immunotherapy for Cervical Neoplasia: Lessons learned and ready for primetime

In this talk Dr Warner Huh examines recent advances in the use of immunotherapy in the treatment of lower genital tract neoplasia.

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Pregnancy and Oncology outcomes after fertility sparing surgery for cervical cancer

In this talk Denis Querleu explores current guidance on the surgical management of women with operable cervical cancer

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Current Evidence for management of AIN

This talk by Andrew Renehan from Manchester captures the current knowledge regarding AIN - aetiology risk factors diagnosis and management

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Natural History of HPV infection and triggers of cervical carcinogenesis

This talk by Barbara Mosicky from California provides a really interesting look at the current knowledge of how cancers develop as well as factors which make women more vulnerable to experiencing a transforming infection.

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