Educational Resources: BSCCP Meeting 2015

HIV testing in colposcopy

Mayura Nathan explores the value of performing HIV tests on all women who attend colposcopy

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Examining Colposcopy performance; challenges of new referral pathways

Nicholas Wentzensen explores the effectiveness of colposcopy in the diagnosis of cervical abnormalities

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A Overview of Vulval Dermatology

In this useful overview Dr Jennifer Yell explores the clinical approach to women with dermatological issues of the vulva

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BSCCP debate: Cervical cancer screening audit disclosure is of no benefit to patients

A thought provoking debate on the process of disclosure of the results of cervical cancer screening audits

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Multifocal disease - roles and responsibilities of health care professionals

Maggie Cruickshank explores the issue of multifocal disease and asks the question - who is responsible?

Editor: Professor Maggie Cruickshank
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