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Choosing a colposcope

This information was compiled by members of the BSCCP to help when choosing a new colposcope

There are a variety of colposcopes available.  You should consider arranging to trial different ones to help decide on the right colposcopic equipment for your particular environmnent.   Criteria to consider when choosing a new colposcope are:

  • Cost
  • Optical quality:  This relates to brightness, clarity and evenness of the illumination of the image.
  • Zoom magnification: There should be a good range of magnifications available.  This may be stepped magnification but it can be continuously variable.
  • Design: The colposcopic arm needs to be counter-balanced to ensure smooth movement and stability in usage.
  • Eyepeices: These should feel comfortable.  Many have diopter adjustment for visual correction.
  • Focal length: This is usually fixed, although it may be variable to a degree to allow the colposcopist to position themselves to the best advantage from the patient and other equipment for the procedure.
  • Illumination: There should be good even light with facility for green filter.   The bulb should be easily changeable.
  • Size and manoeuverability may be important if the colposcope is to be used in more than one place.
  • Monitor: This allows live images to be displayed for education and teaching.   If you want to store images, you will need recording equipment in addition either in still or video formats.

The same equipment can be used for examination of other lower genital tract sites.

You also need to check on the technical support and after care provided.