Location: Birmingham

The BSCCP propose to hold an exam in spring and Autumn 2021(dates to be confirmed).

The BSCCP are looking at structuring/organising alternative new platforms for the OSCE and will keep members fully informed of our progress.

We would encourage all trainees to continue to submit their documents and we will provide regular updates regarding the OSCE dates which are being rescheduled.

You will be able to book your OSCE place once you have submitted your electronic logbook and met the below Colposcopy OSCE  Regulations:

Log on to your account at  username is your email address and there is a forgotten password link should you need it.

Select “My Account” and “Become Accredited”
Upload attendance at Basic course certificate
Upload Laboratory attendance form
Click the completion of training option which will automatically send the completion of training form (AC3) to your trainer for sign off. This document can be found on the website using the search box
Do not send documents to the BSCCP by recorded/registered post as this will delay the application process.

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