BSCCP Colposcopy OSCE 21st & 22nd March 2022

Approved for BSCCP trainee accreditation but NOT recertification

This will be a virtual exam. We would encourage all trainees to submit their training documents at the earliest opportunity and no later than the 7th February 2022

You will be able to book your OSCE place once you have submitted your electronic logbook and met the below Colposcopy OSCE  Regulations:

  1. Log on to your account at  username is your email address and there is a forgotten password link should you need it
  2. Select “My Account” and “Become Accredited”
  3. Upload attendance at Basic course certificate
  4. Upload Laboratory attendance form
  5. Click the completion of training option which will automatically send the completion of training form (AC3) to your trainer for sign off. This document can be found on the website using the search box

Do not send documents to the BSCCP by recorded/registered post as this will delay the application process.


Click here for Frequently asked questions.

How to Register

Once you have satisfied the Colposcopy OCSE  Regulations, the BSCCP Secretariat will email you an OSCE application form.  

Please note the examination fee is non-refundable/transferable if you cancel within 7 weeks of the exam date.