ONLINE Basic Colposcopy Course

Approved for BSCCP trainee accreditation but NOT recertification

The Online Basic Colposcopy Course is Approved by the the BSCCP for BSCCP Trainee Accreditation. This web based course is BSCCP Approved for BSCCP Trainee Accreditation but not suitable for Colposcopist Re-Accreditation.

The BSCCP Accredited Online Basic Colposcopy Course is suitable for colposcopy trainees undertaking the BSCCP Training and Accreditation Programme and planning to sit the Colposcopy OSCE.

The Colposcopy Courses online can be found at

If you have any queries please contact OCB Media on 0116 2855993

Please note there is an advanced element of this course which cannot be used for BSCCP accreditation.

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