Covid-19 BSCCP Update

Updates from the BSCCP around Covid-19 related issues affecting our members.

Postponement of Colposcopy OSCE

It is with much regret that following changing Government guidance around Covid-19 in Birmingham and across the UK, the BSCCP Trustees have agreed that it would not be safe for the upcoming OSCE's and OSCE Prep course to go ahead.
The health and safety of our trainees and faculty is of the upmost importance to us, and this has been a difficult decision to make.

We propose to have a Course/OSCE  in spring 2021(date to be confirmed).

We are also looking at structuring/organising alternative new platforms for the OSCE Prep course and will keep you fully informed of our progress in the coming weeks.

Members who have requested an "Intent to Sit the OSCE" confirmation will be contacted shortly.

Postponement of OSCE Preparation Course

Due to changes in Government guidance around Covid-19 in Birmingham and across the UK, the upcoming OSCE Prep Course on the 14.10.2020 will not go ahead. The next proposed course will be in spring 2021(date to be confirmed).

All delegates who have not requested a refund will be transferred to the next course.

Future Courses and Colposcopy OSCE

Please click here to view future courses and exam dates.

Guidance for Trainees in Application for Consultant/Senior Nurse Posts in Light of COVID-19

The BSCCP is aware some trainees may be in application for consultant/ senior nurse specialist postings in Colposcopy.They have applied for these positions based on the assumption that they would have passed the April or November OSCE, which has now been deferred until Spring 2021.

Trainees may request a reference from their Colposcopy trainer, in explanation of this and also to provide guidance to a prospective employer.

The BSCCP Executive would advise as follows:

The trainer can confirm that the candidate has completed the practical and theoretical requirements to sit the BSCCP OSCE. They have undertaken 50 directly supervised cases followed by 100 indirectly supervised cases in Colposcopy.
The candidate has not completed the OSCE and any clinics undertaken elsewhere, would require indirectly supervised practice, until such time as they have completed and passed the OSCE. The Unit where the candidate is applying to, would need to provide a mentor, to be responsible for provision of this indirect supervision, until such time as the BSCCP OSCE Exit exam was passed.

BSCCP Colposcopy & Trainer Reaccreditation 1st September 2021

The BSCCP have discussed the requirements for BSCCP reaccreditation due to Covid-19 and agreed that the criteria for  reaccreditation will remain unchanged at this time.

Please click here for BSCCP reaccreditation criteria.

We will continue to update the website around upcoming courses suitable for BSCCP reaccreditation.

BSCCP 2021 ANNUAL SCIENTIFIC MEETING 14th - 16th April 2021

The BSCCP Annual Scientific meeting in Edinburgh is scheduled for the 14th - 16th April 2021.
Please click here for the conference website.

Conference organisers will be contacting you soon with an update around the Edinburgh Conference.  If you have any questions please contact them directly @