Covid-19 BSCCP Update

Updates from the BSCCP around Covid-19 related issues affecting our members.

BSCCP Colposcopy OSCE

It is proposed to conduct an OSCE in October 2021.  

Please click here to view exam details.

BSCCP OSCE Preparation Course

The next BSCCP OSCE Preparation Course will be on the 15th September 2021.

Please click here to view course details.

BSCCP Colposcopy & Trainer Reaccreditation 1st September 2021

The BSCCP have discussed the requirements for BSCCP reaccreditation due to Covid-19 and agreed that the criteria for  reaccreditation will remain unchanged at this time.

Please click here for BSCCP reaccreditation criteria.

Please click here for BSCCP Trainer recertification criteria.

We will continue to update the website around upcoming courses suitable for BSCCP reaccreditation.