Criteria for BSCCP Courses

All courses advertised as “accredited by BSCCP” must be reviewed in advance by the BSCCP Certification and Training Committee. In order for the course to be approved by the BSCCP and recognised for BSCCP accreditation please complete the following:

• The course programme showing the date, city where the event will be held and speakers must be emailed to  28 days in advance for submission to the Committee for approval.

• Course organisers will be informed if the programme is approved and only at this stage may the course be advertised as accredited by BSCCP.

• The BSCCP logo must not under any circumstances be used without permission by the BSCCP which will only be granted to courses which meet the set criteria.

• The approval of courses process remains unchanged if a similar course programme has been approved previously. Course organisers should resubmit the programme for approval and the course may only be advertised as accredited by the BSCCP when the programme has been approved.

• Following approval of the programme the course can be advertised on the BSCCP website if requested. The BSCCP will now be charging an accreditation fee of 5% of the organiser’s course fee. This replaces the previous fixed cost and is non-refundable.

• The BSCCP will only advertise courses and meetings on the website and will not mailshot all members.

• Course organiser’s must request endorsement at least 4 months in advance for courses taking place outside the UK.

• The BSCCP will not endorse courses retrospectively for BSCCP members to use for reaccreditation purposes.

• The BSCCP does not seek courses to approve and will only give approval to those courses when approached by the course organisers.

Criteria for Advanced, Basic and International Colposcopy Courses and Meetings

Please click here for BSCCP Criteria for an Advanced Course.

Please click here for BSCCP Criteria fpr a Basic Colposcopy Course.

Please click here for BSCCP Criteria for International Colposcopy Courses and Meetings

Circulation of Non BSCCP Accredited Courses

We are happy to list non BSCCP accredited courses on the website if requested, upon receipt of a £75 administrative fee which is non-refundable.  However, we do not blanket email our BSCCP members. 

If you have any queries, please get in touch with the BSCCP Secretariat on 0121 335 8200