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The Society, founded in 1972, represents a common forum for the discussion and debate of all matters pertaining to the prevention of cancer of the cervix. By its very nature the Society is multidisciplinary, a fact that almost certainly explains its strengths and continued growth. Most, if not all, members find membership, and particularly attendance at the Annual Scientific Meeting, a major influence in their practice and a key feature of their postgraduate education. Change affects all branches of healthcare and cervical disease is no exception. The balance between basic science, epidemiology, clinical care and service/patient interface is a characteristic of the Society and is typified by the high standard and variety of papers presented at the Annual Scientific Meeting.

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Should you wish to become a member of the BSCCP, the annual subscription fee is £70 or 80 EURO. Simply click on the register button at the top right hand corner of the home page to complete the process. It should take less than five minutes.  Trainees who want to complete the BSCCP training programme and have access to the electronic logbook must register as a BSCCP member.