BSCCP Accreditation of Overseas Colposcopists

The BSCCP has criteria in place for overseas doctors wishing to practice colposcopy in the UK. The Accreditation of overseas doctors process is suitable for any doctor from overseas who is a fully trained colposcopist, carrying out unsupervised colposcopy in his /her own country.

Criteria for BSCCP Accreditation in Colposcopy for an Overseas Doctor

Log into and register as a new member and pay the annual subscription fee of £70

Identify a BSCCP Certified Colposcopist, who holds a current certificate, and is willing to be a mentor

Undertake colposcopy in a recognised Colposcopy unit in the UK for 12 months

(this can be indirectly supervised colposcopy if the mentor considers the doctor to be a suitable candidate)

The following documentation should be submitted to:

Elaine Radford
Birmingham Women’s Hospital
Mindelsohn Way
Edgbaston, Birmingham
B15 2TG

A 12 month personal colposcopy audit – Issued on request

Certificate of attendance at a BSCCP recognised Colposcopy Meeting/Course in the last 3 years 

A CV of previous colposcopic training and experience

A letter of support for the application from a colposcopist colleague from the home country.

A letter of support for the application from the supervising BSCCP accredited colposcopist.

Upon receipt of the above documents the application will be placed before the Certification and Training Committee for approval.