BSCCP Reaccreditation of Colposcopists 2021 - 2024

The BSCCP Colposcopist Reaccreditation opened on the 1st September 2021. The reaccreditation date is the date set by the Certification and Training Committee and is the same date for all accredited colposcopists, irrespective of when they last gained accreditation status. The option to complete the process is available on your BSCCP account

Future BSCCP Courses and Meetings

Upcoming courses and meetings

BSCCP Annual Scientific Meeting Belfast -  4th - 6th May 2022

BSCCP Annual Scientific meeting - 4th - 6th May 2022

BSCCP Travel Awards and Scholarships

The BSCCP supports excellence in colposcopy and the prevention of cervical cancer by supporting research and development.

Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust News

Jo’s Trust Cervical Cancer News and Events

HPV vaccine for under 15 year olds

The Joint vaccination and immunization committee is recommending 1 dose HPV vaccine for under 15-year-olds rather than 2

Publication of Updated Cervical Screening Programme and Colposcopy Management guidance 2020

Cervical Screening Programme and Colposcopy Management Guidance released by Public Health England in 2020.