In remembrance of Karl Ulrich Petry - A message from the BSCCP Executive

We are sad to hear of the death of our colleague Professor Karl Ulrich Petry after a short illness.

Ulrich was very well known as a leader in colposcopy research and practice not only in Germany but through out Europe and the World.

Ulrich was a Gynaecologist and Professor in Wolfsburg Germany and known as a leader in HPV screening, colposcopy QA and the treatment of CIN, VaIN and microinvasive carcinomas of the vagina. He was head of the HPV Screening Pilot project (WOLPHSCREEN) and head of the study on HPV epidemiology in young women in their early to mid-20s (WOLVES). This resulted not only in new data on effectiveness of HPV screening but also the impact on the detection of intra-epithelial neoplasia at non-cervical sites.

Ulrich was President of the European Federation of Colposcopy 2010-2013 where he promoted standards and QA of colposcopy throughout Europe. He will be remembered by us not only as a leading colposcopist but a great friend and enthusiastic colleague.  We wish to remember his work to improve cervical cancer prevention and in particular the practice of colposcopy.