The 12 month period of grace 01.09.2018 - 31.08.2019 for colposcopists who have not reaccredited will expire on the 31st August 2019. We would encourage those of you that have not already completed the reaccreditation process to log in to your BSCCP online account and select the Reaccreditation option. The register will be updated to reflect that you are not currently an accredited colposcopist on the 31st August 2019.

Please click here for the BSCCP reaccreditation criteria for Colposcopists .

Recertification Of Trainers

All current BSCCP trainers are also required to complete the online trainer recertification process when the colposcopy rereaccreditation process has been completed and a certificate has been generated.

Please click here for the BSCCP trainer recertification criteria.