BSCCP Audit Requirements

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Click on MY ACCOUNT at the top of the screen and login to complete the BSCCP Reaccreditation Process

The reaccreditation Audit

An audit of your practice needs to be submitted online as part of the reaccreditation process.

The minimum caseload will be 50 NEW colposcopy cases in a continuous 12 month period in the preceding 3 years which can be made up as follows:

• A minimum of 25 new cases with abnormal cytology
• A maximum of 25 new cases referred with abnormal symptoms or an abnormal appearing cervix or multi focal lower genital tract disease referrals within or between colposcopy clinics.

Referral Smear - The number of new patient colposcopies you have seen during this 12 month period (no follow up patients). A minimum of 25 must have been referred with abnormal screening results only.

Biopsy - refers to either punch biopsy, loop diathermy excision or any other excisional procedure which results in histological assessment of the cervix, including cone biopsy or hysterectomy.  Any biopsy, whether or not this is performed in the Colposcopy Clinic, represents  a biopsy for the purposes of this form.

Adequate for histology - if the histology report states that the specimen is inadequate for assessment, the sample should be classified as inadequate for the purposes of this form (irrespective of whether a biopsy was performed).

Histology results - this refers to the numbers of specimens that have CIN reported on histology (this does not include basal layer atypia).

The Audit Form

The completed form must be uploaded into your BSCCP account  for the process of reaccreditation to be complete. Please do not send paper audit forms as they cannot be accepted.

View a sample audit form

What happens next if your audit is incomplete

A colposcopist who, for any reason, is unable to see the number of new patients required by the time in question may apply for provisional reaccreditation but needs to submit  a 12 month audit showing an increase in the numbers of new patients seen by the 1st September 2019.

After this date the colposcopist will be placed on the “Suspend” list and will no longer appear on the register of accredited colposcopists.