BSCCP Criteria for Reaccreditation Over 4 Years

Criteria for Colposcopists whose colposcopy accreditation has lapsed after 4 years.

If you are no longer a member of the BSCCP re-join the Society.  Please visit to register.   The annual subscription is paid online by debit or credit card.

Attend a BSCCP recognised meeting post graduate meeting in colposcopy.  Please refer to the website for details of suitable courses Meetings suitable for reaccreditation .

Perform 50 colposcopies on referrals to the colposcopy clinic:
o A minimum of 25 should be new patients.
o 15 of the 50 cases should be directly supervised by your mentor.
You must discuss all the cases with your mentor. Ideally this should be in house but in exceptional cases, if this is not possible internally, you must discuss all the cases with the BSCCP Regional Representative or an RCOG Regional Preceptor for Colposcopy.

You must present an audit of these 50 cases to the BSCCP and the audit form for this is available on request from 

In addition to the above:

Your mentor must perform some formative assessments during your retraining.
We would require the following to be completed by your mentor, and submitted with
your audit:

• 5 x  Mini Cex assessments (based on the cases you have seen),
• 3 x Summative OSATS in diagnostic colposcopy and,
• 2 x Summative OSATS in a chosen treatment technique (i.e. LLETZ, or a destructive technique).
• 3 x Case Based Discussions.
• Must attend at least 50% (a minimum of 3) Colposcopic Multidisciplinary Team Meetings during a 12 month period.

Details of these assessments and copies of the forms to be completed by your mentor can be downloaded from the BSCCP website by clicking here.

When you have completed your cases and your audit, you must submit the evidence along with a letter from your mentor who must write to the BSCCP supporting your application and confirming you have seen the above mentioned cases.  Your mentor must also submit the Mini Cex , OSAT and CBD assessment forms for your in house retraining and confirm the required attendance at Colposcopy MDT meetings. Please send the information to:

Elaine Radford
Birmingham Women’s Hospital
Mindelsohn Way
Edgbaston, Birmingham
B15 2TG

For reference please ensure you keep a copy of all the evidence.

The Chair of the Certification and Training Committee will need to approve the supplied documentation before a certificate can be generated.