BSCCP Colposcopy Training Programme & Exit OSCE

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A guide for trainers and trainees has been developed to assist training for accreditation in colposcopy by encouraging standardisation of training and by providing explanation of the various requirements of the curriculum. Any difficulties in understanding or achieving various requirements for training can be discussed with the Certification and Training Committee (c/o the BSCCP). This section is intended for all trainers and also should be read by all trainees at the outset of training.

Why have a colposcopy training programme?

The training programme was established as a response to concerns being expressed by the public and medical authorities about the quality and organisation of the NHS Cervical Screening Programme (NHSCSP).

A working party commissioned by the NHSCSP, which involved representatives from a variety of professional bodies, identified the need for an agreed training programme, which would ensure that colposcopists were adequately trained.

Although a formal training needs analysis was not performed, it was self-evident that women wanted colposcopists to be technically and diagnostically proficient and also to be good communicators.

As a minimum standard the BSCCP/RCOG colposcopy training programme needs to produce sufficient colposcopists to maintain the status quo.  There are currently approximately 2000 practising colposcopists in the UK, most of whom are BSCCP certificated.

If the professional life span of a trained colposcopist is 30 years, then the programme needs to produce 65 trained colposcopists a year.  In fact, possibly only a quarter of trainees will complete training or continue to practice colposcopy in the UK so the training programme will need to enrol approximately 260 colposcopist trainees annually if the status quo is to be maintained.

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