Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions arising from the OSCE application process.

How Do I Register for the Electronic Logbook?

When your trainer has accepted you as their trainee, register for the online electronic logbook at

Click on 'register as a new user' then complete the online forms and save & close.  You will receive an email from us to confirm your access and issue your password. 


Why Won't my Electronic Logbook Submit?

If the logbook is incomplete the missing areas will be highlighted and the logbook will not submit. To rectify the issue input the missing data and resubmit.

Following submission of the logbook you will have no further access to the data.

How Do I apply for the Colposcopy OSCE?

Log into  and submit your electronic logbook .

Elaine Radford will email you an OSCE application form.

The below steps must be completed before your place on the OSCE will be confirmed.

  • Log on to your BSCCP account at  username is your email address and there is a forgotten password link should you need it
  • Select “My Account” and “Become Accredited”
  • Upload attendance at Basic course certificate
  • Upload Laboratory attendance form
  • Click the completion of training option which will automatically send the completion of training form (AC3) to your trainer for sign off. 
  •  Your trainer will verify completion of your training by logging into their BSCCP account at  and clicking the confirm link. It is imperative they sign and post the original AC3 form to the BSCCP.

Return the completed application form to with confirmation of payment.

You have now completed all the necessary steps and we will be in touch soon to confirm your place on  the next available OSCE Examination.

How does my Trust pay my Colposcopy OSCE Examination Fee?

Due to increasing problems with NHS Trust third party transactions the BSCCP is unable to raise invoices to facilitate payments from third party payment providers. The BSCCP requests that  the payment process is completed by members directly and that they reclaim this back themselves from the third party supplier.