Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions arising from the training registration and OSCE application process.

Guidance on Requests for Trainees in Application for Consultant/Senior Nurse Posts in Light of COVID-19 Pandemic Causing Deferral of April 2020 OSCE

The BSCCP is aware some trainees may be in application for consultant/ senior nurse specialist postings in Colposcopy.

They have applied for these positions based on the assumption that they would have passed the April OSCE, which has now been deferred until April 2021.
Trainees may request a reference from their Colposcopy trainer, in explanation of this and also to provide guidance to a prospective employer.
The BSCCP Executive would advise as follows:
The trainer can confirm that the candidate has completed the practical and theoretical requirements to sit the BSCCP OSCE. They have undertaken 50 directly supervised cases followed by 100 indirectly supervised cases in Colposcopy.
The candidate has not completed the OSCE and any clinics undertaken elsewhere, would require indirectly supervised practice, until such time as they have completed and passed the OSCE. The Unit where the candidate is applying to, would need to provide a mentor, to be responsible for provision of this indirect supervision, until such time as the BSCCP OSCE Exit exam was passed.

Training and Electronic Logbook Registration

To register for the online electronic logbook please login to your BSCCP account.  Go to 'My Account'  and complete the details of your BSCCP certified trainer in the 'Become Accredited' section.  When your trainer has confirmed they are happy to accept you as a trainee, visit and click on 'register as a new user'. Complete the online forms and save & close.  Shortly afterwards you will receive an email from us to confirm your access.

Please click here to download the electronic logbook trainee User Guide

Please click here to view full comprehensive details regarding the Colposcopy Training Programme requirements.

Please click here to download the trainer-trainee guidelines

How Do I apply for the Colposcopy OSCE?

The below steps must be completed before an OSCE application form can be issued and your place on the OSCE can be confirmed.

  • Log into and submit your electronic logbook .
  • Log into your BSCCP account at  username is your email address and there is a forgotten password link should you need it
  • Select “My Account” and “Become Accredited”
  • Upload attendance at Basic course certificate
  • Upload Laboratory attendance form
  • Print off the completion of training form (AC3) for signing by your trainer.  Email the signed form to
  • It is imperative that you post the original AC3 form to Elaine Radford @ the BSCCP.
  • Do not send the form registered post as this will delay the application process.

Return the completed application form to with confirmation of payment.

You have now completed all the necessary steps and we will be in touch soon to confirm your place on  the next available OSCE Examination.

Why Won't My Electronic Logbook Submit?

If the logbook is incomplete the logbook will not submit and the missing data will be highlighted. Input the missing data and resubmit.

Following submission of the logbook you will have no further access to the data.

How does my Trust pay my Colposcopy OSCE Examination Fee?

Due to increasing problems with NHS Trust third party transactions the BSCCP is unable to raise invoices to facilitate payments from third party payment providers. The BSCCP requests that  the payment process is completed by members directly and that they reclaim this back themselves from the third party supplier.