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More detailed information on the structure of the BSCCP OSCE examination

Written questions

Eight questions will be based on the content of the BSCCP trainees manual and are topics covered at a basic colposcopy course. These may include colpophotographs or video clips with examiners at these stations to discuss images. There are 5 Written stations with no examiner present which will use written material based on the theoretical section of the trainees log book.  Click here for an Example of a written question at a station where there is no examiner

Clinical stations

There will be two interactive stations involving interaction with a patient portraying clinical scenarios. Each will be a double station. The candidate will be presented a short written scenario to explain the next station and they will have time to prepare themselves.  At the next station the candidate will interact with an actor playing the role of a patient. An examiner will be present to mark this station. These stations are designed to test knowledge and communication skills. Marks will be allocated for both factual content and communication skills, and the role player will contribute a mark for each station. The examiner will follow a standardised marking sheet. Candidates should note that they would be penalised for giving dangerous information.