OSCE Examination


The BSCCP uses a structured assessment of training through the OSCE examination. These examinations are held in Birmingham twice per year. Click on the tabs for detailed information about this process.


Final assessment will be determined by an Objective Structured clinical Examination (OSCE). This will be a 12 station OSCE with 10 minutes at each station. All questions are written in a standardised format and with explicit marking criteria. The knowledge of cervical screening and colposcopy practice will be based on the BSCCP training guide objectives and the level of a basic colposcopy course.

Registering for the OSCE

You will be able to book your OSCE place once you have submitted your electronic logbook and met the below Colposcopy OSCE  Regulations:

Log on to your account at www.bsccp.org.uk  username is your email address and there is a forgotten password link should you need it

Select “My Account” and “Become Accredited”
Upload attendance at Basic course certificate (this must be within the last 5 years)
Upload Laboratory attendance form
Print off the completion of training form (AC3) for signing by your trainer.  Email the signed form to elaine.radford2@nhs.net.
It is imperative that you post the original AC3 form to Elaine Radford @ the BSCCP.
Do not send the form registered post as this will delay the application process.

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions

Once you have satisfied the Colposcopy OCSE  Regulations, Elaine Radford will email you an OSCE application form.  

The OSCE takes place at

The  Education Resource Centre

Birmingham Women's Hospital



B15 2TG

Colposcopy OSCE fee £250