Training - Treatment Module

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The core training programme is about diagnostic colposcopy. There is an additional module for trainees who intend to perform treatment. Completion of the training programme and this additional module culminates in the awarding of the BSCCP/RCOG Certificate (Diagnostic and Treatment). This module comprises 20 local treatments (10 witnessed, 10 performed under supervision) inclusive in the 150 core module cases. However, If you choose to undertake the Treatment module after becoming accredited Diagnostic only, please see the following requirements.


The below documents should only be completed if you choose to undertake the Treatment Module after becoming accredited Diagnostic only.

Complete 10 cases of local cervical treatment, witnessed - i.e. watching your trainer perform – Click here

Complete 10 cases of local cervical treatment under direct supervision – Click here

Complete the Treatment Sheet Summary – Click here

Complete 5 OSATS in each of the treatment modalities in which you are being trained, a minimum of 3 formative + 2 summative. The 2 summative OSATS should be assessed by 2 independent Colposcopists, one of whom should be a Consultant, to confirm competence in the procedure. This applies equally for non-medical and medical trainees. Click here

Once you have completed all of the above, please submit the original documents to the BSCCP and your application will be reviewed by the Certification and Training Committee prior to the award of the diagnostic and treatment certificate.