BSCCP Colposcopy Trainers


Certification and Re certification as a Trainer is available online for all accredited colposcopists who have completed a minimum of 12 months clinical practice.

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Certification of Trainers

Provision of supervision for training can be very rewarding but requires an investment of time and energy. A minimum clinical caseload is required as well as close supervision throughout the training period.

The Society is committed to ensuring that high quality training is the norm.  With this in mind, the Certification and Training Committee have proposed that Trainers in Colposcopy should be able to demonstrate appropriate training in assessing and giving feedback to their trainees, thus complying with PMETB/GMC standards for Trainers. This proposal has been endorsed by the BSCCP Executive Committee. 

With effect from January 2014, it is now mandatory that Trainers apply for certification with the Society, (in the manner described below), and that they maintain their skills as a Trainer by recertifying on a 3 yearly basis. Trainer re-certification will occur at the same time as reaccreditation of colposcopists in September 2021.

We have developed a process to achieve certification as a recognised Trainer. Please log in to your account to complete this process. 

Certified Trainers

Please click this link for a list of trainers who have participated in the process described above and are recognised as BSCCP certified trainers. This list will be updated regularly.

Lead Trainers

It has been identified that given the increased responsibilities of all Trainers, the role of Lead Trainer within Colposcopy units is less well defined and in some areas there may be no 'lead' present. The time has come, therefore, for a review to provide more comprehensive back-up for Trainers. 

There is agreement that the Regional Representatives of the BSCCP can be referred to by any trainer who feels that there are issues/or questions relating to trainees for which external advice is needed in their particular region. In future the role of a BSCCP Regional Representative would attract those with educational supervisor skills, although this qualification is not considered essential.