Certification of Trainers


Trainers must have reaccredited as a colposcopist and will be asked to recertify as trainers at the same time as colposcopy reaccreditation on 1st September 2018.

How to certify as a BSCCP trainer

We have developed a process to achieve certification as a recognised Trainer. Please log in to your account to complete this process. Trainers will be asked to confirm that they have read and understood the training syllabus.

Educational requirements include one of the following options

One of the following options are necessary for you to certify as a trainer:

1.  Certification through attendance at a 'Training the Trainers' or 'Educational Supervisor' course within the last 5 years.
A 'Training the Trainers' course or 'Educational Supervisors' course which cover the subjects of supporting and monitoring educational progress and enhancing learning through assessments will be approved. Please submit a copy of the programme with your certificate as evidence of attendance.
'Educational Supervisor' courses are organised by local deaneries.
'Training the Trainers' courses are organised by many organisations including:

2.  Certified attendance at any 3 BSCCP Trainers Meetings within the last 5 years. Attendance at less than 3 such meetings is not sufficient for certification. BSCCP Annual Scientific Meeting - Trainers Seminar. The Trainers Seminar is held on the Wednesday afternoon before the Annual Scientific Meeting. Attendance at the whole afternoon training and QA session will count as 1 BSCCP Trainers meeting.

3.  Certification in training through an E-learning course within the last 5 years.
The eLearning for Health platform can be accessed here.  
Please follow the link and click on Educator Training Resources to complete the below modules:
Module 4 "Enhancing Learning Through Assessment"
Module 5 "Supporting and Monitoring Educational Progress".Trainer accreditation/reaccreditation will only be accepted on submission of the certificate of completion for both  module 4 and module 5 which should be uploaded to your BSCCP account.

Please note that the Clinical Supervision element is not suitable for trainer certification.