Recertification of Trainers

What you need to know about the BSCCP process for recertifiation as a trainer


1. Certification through attendance at a 'Training the Trainers' or 'Educational Supervisor' course within the last 3 years.
A 'Training the Trainers' course or 'Educational Supervisors' course which cover the subjects of supporting and monitoring educational progress and enhancing learning through assessments will be approved. Please submit a copy of the programme with your certificate as evidence of attendance.
'Educational Supervisor' courses are organised by local deaneries.
'Training the Trainers' courses are organised by many organisations including The RCOG  

2.    Attendance at 1 BSCCP Trainers Meeting within the last 3 years. The BSCCP Trainers Meeting takes place on the afternoon before the main BSCCP Annual Scientific Meeting every year.  As a reminder, previous Annual Scientific Meetings acceptable for recertification are as follows:
2021 Edinburgh, 2019 Bournemouth

3.  Certification in training through an E-learning course within the last 3 years. 

The eLearning for Health platform can be accessed here
Please follow the link and click on Educator Training Resources to complete the below modules:

Module 01 "Supervision of Learners" -  First six modules

Module 02 "Teaching Methods". First four modules

Module 03 "Assessment and Progression" - All modules apart from the GP and pharmacy section

Module 04 "The Learning Environment" - First module - facilitating learning in the workplace

Trainer certification/recertification will only be accepted on submission of evidence of completion for all modules which should be uploaded as one document to your BSCCP account.

Members in the Republic of Ireland can complete the below modules on the RCPI website.

The RCPI Website can be accessed here

Effective teaching skills: Conducting Skills Training in a Clinical SettingSpecially developed for doctors, this one-hour online course has been designed to enhance your knowledge of conducting skills training in a clinical setting. By the end of this course you should be able to

•             Outline the factors influencing adult learning
•             Prepare for a clinical skills training session
•             Describe the key steps to follow when teaching a skill
•             Prepare trainees for skills training
All doctors are welcome to complete this course.

Effective Teaching Skills: Feedback
This course will help you give constructive feedback to Trainees, so that they can to identify their strengths and areas for improvement. By the end of this course you should be able to
•             Explain the importance of feedback and why it is necessary to provide feedback
•             Apply best practice principles when providing feedback
•             Adopt effective tools in giving constructive feedback

Clinical Supervision
This short online course will help you become a more effective clinical supervisor. You will learn about the roles, responsibilities and competencies required for clinical supervision. On completion of the course you will be able to improve your approach to assessing performance and competencies. This course is suitable for all doctors who have an interest in training.

To view the Guidelines for Trainers and Trainees, click here.