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BSCCP Colposcopy OSCE - Spring 2024

BSCCP Colposcopy OSCE Exams

The next proposed OSCE exam will be on 5th and Sixth of March 2024 . We would encourage all trainees to submit their training documents at the earliest opportunity. These should now be uploaded directly by accessing the Colposcopy Training Programmme Dashboard on the Learningzone and completing all of the steps.

Once the evidence of completion has been reviewed and approved you will then be in a position to access the link to the BSCCP OSCE registration page.

Once you have successfully passed the OSCE your certificate of completion of the training programme will be available for you to download directly from the Dashboard

It will no longer be possible to submit documents to the BSCCP by email or recorded/registered post.

SInce 2020 the OSCE has taken place online using the OSLER platform

Checkout the video on this here to learn more about this

Please note the examination fee is non-refundable/transferable if you cancel within 7 weeks of the exam date.