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Lead Colposcopist


The role of the lead colposcopist is considered crucial to a quality-assured colposcopy service. NHS England and the English Screening Quality Assurance Service (SQAS) believe that the roles and responsibilities of the lead colposcopists should be recognised by a sessional commitment of at least one notional half-day per week (1PA). The lead colposcopist should be supported by at least one session of designated administrative/secretarial time for the tasks associated with the position.

Lead Clinicians should adopt the responsibility of devising appropriate written protocols for local use that will enable the service to work towards achieving quality as defined in NHSCSP Publications. It is advised that such protocols should incorporate the views of all working within the service and there should be a feeling of common ownership. After such protocols have been agreed and implemented, all those within the service under the direct management of the Lead Clinicians should work within them.

For England, the roles and responsibilities are outlined for the lead clinician colposcopist, and lead colposcopy nurse. For more information check on the link below.