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Colposcopy reaccreditation

Commitment to continuous development

The prevention of cervical cancer is constantly changing and for this reason accredited colposcopists need to demonstrate their commitment to continuous professional development and quality improvement by participating in the BSCCP reaccreditation process.

Reaccreditation for colposcopists will open again on the 1st of September 2024. The reaccreditation date is the date set by the Certification and Training Committee and is the same date for all accredited colposcopists irrespective of how long they might have been accredited.

Why reaccreditation is important

It is important for the quality assurance of cervical screening programmes that colposcopists keep up to date.

Reaccreditation enables BSCCP colposcopists to retain accreditation for a 3 year period until the 1st September 2024 and to appear on the list of accredited colposcopists on the BSCCP website.

Detailed information on Colposcopy Reaccreditation

Are you a certified trainer?

Remember to also recertify as a trainer once you have accredited as a colposcopist