Important dates

Egypt Basic Course - Friday 21st - Sunday 23rd February 2020
Basic course in Colposcopy suitable for trainee accreditation
ONLINE Basic Colposcopy Course
This online Basic (Foundation) Colposcopy course is approved by the BSCCP for BSCCP Trainee Accreditation.
Wakefield Advanced Course - Friday 20th March 2020
NEPSEC Wakefield, Advanced Course Friday 20th March 2020
Aberdeen- Basic Course: 19th-20th March 2020
Basic Colposcopy Course taking place in Aberdeen Thursday 19th - Friday 20th March 2020

Latest educational resources

Prophylactic HPV vaccination in women with previous cervical disease
This talk by Maria Kyrgiou examines the controversial question of whether it is of value to vaccinate women who have been treated for CIN
Worldwide initiatives for the prevention. of cervical cancer
Dr Partha Basu from the International Agency for Research on Cancer provides an update on the global prevention of cervical cancer
Regulation of cervical metaplasia and the particular vulnerability of the cervical TZ to HPV driven
In this talk John Doorbar explores the vulnerability of organs such as the cervix for HPV driven neoplasia.
Natural History of HPV infection and triggers of cervical carcinogenesis
This talk by Barbara Mosicky from California provides a really interesting look at the current knowledge of how cancers develop as well as factors which make women more vulnerable to experiencing a transforming infection.