Important dates

OSCE Preparation Course Wednesday 18th September 2019
An interactive course in preparation for the Colposcopy OSCE
BSCCP Advanced Colposcopy Course - Birmingham 14th November 2019
BSCCP Advanced Course Suitable for BSCCP Reaccreditation
Cytology and Histology Workshop for Colposcopists - 12th Sept 2019
Cytology and Histology Workshop for Colposcopists Thursday 12th Sept 2019
Wakefield Basic Colposcopy Course- Monday 30th September - Wednesday 2nd October 2019
Basic Course being held in Wakefield Monday 30th September - Wednesday 2nd October 2019

Latest educational resources

Regulation of cervical metaplasia and the particular vulnerability of the cervical TZ to HPV driven
In this talk John Doorbar explores the vulnerability of organs such as the cervix for HPV driven neoplasia.
Natural History of HPV infection and triggers of cervical carcinogenesis
This talk by Barbara Mosicky from California provides a really interesting look at the current knowledge of how cancers develop as well as factors which make women more vulnerable to experiencing a transforming infection.
Founders medal recipient -  Dr Sankaranarayanan : can we eliminate cervical cancer/
Dr Sankaranarayanan explores the issues around preventing cancer in the developing world in this inspirational state of the art talk.
Do bugs cause cancer?
This is a really interesting talk - Anita Mitra questions the belief that Lactobacilli are protective - not all are - and explores the Microbiome and persistence of HPV