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See the latest information on the Recertification process for Colposcopists and Accredited Trainers which opens on the 1st September 2015


Video Presentations from the Annual Scientific Meeting, Nottingham 2015 are now available for viewing on the BSCCP video player


If you are worried about your smear test or colposcopy we have information which might be helpful

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Latest educational resources

HIV testing at colposcopy
23 June 2015
Myura Nathan delivers a state of the art argument in favour of HIV testing at colposcopy
What is Cin 2?
21 June 2015
Christine Bergeron transcends the issue of terminology to sort out the difference between a non significant and true precancerous histological abnormality
Primary HPV Screening - update on NHSCSP pilots
21 June 2015
John Tidy gives a clear summary of the story of primary testing so far within the NHSCSP
What do BSCCP members think about routine HIV testing at colposcopy
21 June 2015
The results of a BSCCP audit into members views on routine testing for HIV at colposcopy is presented in this talk by Laura Sadler from Manchester

Important dates

ONLINE Basic Colposcopy Course available from
10 April 2014
The Online Basic Colposcopy Course is Approved by the the BSCCP for BSCCP Trainee Accreditation. This web based course is BSCCP Approved for BSCCP Trainee Accreditation but not suitable for Colposcopist Re-Accreditation.
Colposcopy OSCE Exam
29 April 2015
Colposcopy OSCE Exam 21st October 2015
Basic Colposcopy Course - Dublin
16 June 2015
The Basic Colposcopy Course is Approved by the the BSCCP for BSCCP Trainee Accreditation.
Basic Colposcopy Course - Aberdeen
16 June 2015
Basic Colposcopy Course 26th and 27th November 2015