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The BSCCP aims and Objectives

What are the objectives of the BSCCP

The objectives of the charity are to promote high standards of colposcopy and facilitate the interchange of information on colposcopy and cervical pathology between members of the Society and between the Society and those in other countries.

In setting and reviewing the charity’s aims and objectives, and in planning future activities and setting grant making policies, the trustees confirm that they have considered and complied with the guidance issued by the Charity Commission on public benefit. Public benefit is achieved through ensuring high consistent standards of colposcopy across the country.

The BSCCP provides Education for professionals who provide care for women with cervical and lower genital tract pre-malignant conditions and those who are suffering from cervical cancer, and publishes information on the BSCCP website for these women. The Society has an interest and involvement in cervical cancer research and collaborates with all the relevant organisations who have an interest and who conduct research into finding a cure or new treatments for cervical cancer. The Society is foremost in the education of people who treat women with cervical cancer and works closely with the authorities, such as NHS, who write the guidelines for hospitals and primary care units.

The BSCCP continues to be active in promoting research into screening, diagnosis and prevention of cervical cancer. It is committed to an international approach to the disease and continues to remain active in Europe and worldwide, keeping abreast of developments.