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The BSCCP Overseas Scholarship

The BSCCP would like to invite its members to apply for the BSCCP Overseas Scholarship.

About this Scholarship

This award of £5000 is available to bring a doctor from a less developed country to the United Kingdom to train in colposcopy. If you are in a position to assist someone please submit your proposal to the BSCCP secretariat.

If you wish the Society to consider a reciprocal visit of the host trainer to the applicant’s own country to provide ‘hands on’ experience, then it may be possible to increase the award by a further £1000.

How to apply

The application should be from a Society member and should include:

  • Case of need
  • Brief details of training to be offered
  • Curriculum vitae of Applicant (BSCCP member)
  • Curriculum vitae of doctor to be trained