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ONLINE Basic Colposcopy Course

  • Colposcopy Training

This online Basic (Foundation) Colposcopy course is approved by the BSCCP for BSCCP Trainee Accreditation.

For further information on this course, including how to register please visit
Please contact the Colposcopy Courses support team directly or on 07711 223 408 with questions regarding logging in, payments or anything else. .


Developed by Professor Albert Singer, the basic/foundation course provides detailed information on:

• The normal cervix
• Detection of cervical pre-cancer using cytology and HPV testing
• Colposcopy of abnormal cervical epithelium
• HPV: basic biology, clinical usage, vaccination and its role in causation of cervical and lower genital tract neoplasia
• Treatment: Why, how, when and management algorithms
• Interactive session discussing diagnosis and treatment