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BSCCP Trainer Recertification

BSCCP Trainer Recertification

The latest round of BSCCP Trainer Recertification is now open. Please note that there has been a change to the trainer recertification process with the migration of the administration to the new BSCCP Learningzone. The expiry date is now set as three years from the date when trainers last gained certified status. This means that date will be different for all trainers. A notification will be sent automatically one year before the expiry date to enable trainers to complete the recertification process on their Learningzone account where they will be directed to the trainer recertification site.

Trainers can also check their status on the learningzone if unsure to confirm that they have recertified as a trainer. This is particularly important for current trainees who are now assigned to a currently certified trainer and who need the support to complete the training programme.

Checkout this step by step guide to help you with this process

Step by Step guide to Trainer Recertification