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HPV awareness day - The HPV Vaccine Sign Away Cancer Campaign

HPV Vaccine Sign Away Cancer Campaign

Call to action

Did you know that the since Covid the uptake of the HPV vaccine has been falling? Yet this free vaccination against HPV can prevent future cancers for both boys and girls.

80% of us get HPV infection in our lifetime, but many don't know it causes 700,000 cancers a year.
Today is #HPVawarenessday, an important day to spread awareness of the free HPV vaccination offered to Year 8 boys and girls in the UK.

  • The HPV vaccine can prevent over 100,000 cancers in the UK by 2058. This includes head & neck cancers, cervical cancers, genital cancers and anal cancers.
  • In 2022 only 52% of girls and 56% of boys got fully HPV vaccinated in the UK. We can do better; let’s get the message out there.
  • Talk to your child & sign their HPV vaccine consent form. Together, let's #signawaycancer.

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